What to expecT WHEN YOU FLOAT


We want to use the term expectation lightly here. When you float, especially for the first time, we want you to try to have as little expectations as possible. Each and every float is different and when you have certain expectations, you aren't getting the full benefits. You aren't allowing yourself to surrender to whatever your body needs on that day. Try to come with an open mind and a willingness to let go, and relax. That being said, here is a preview of what you can expect when you arrive at our space and how it all works!

** We will provide everything you need to float, just bring a contact case if you wear them and an open mind**


When you arrive you will watch a short orientation video and choose your music preference. Then as long as you have filled out the waiver that was sent to you via email, you will be directed to our pre/post float lounge. This is a safe space to decompress from your day, kick up your feet, and enjoy some complimentary tea. You will chill here for a bit while we make sure your room is perfect for you. Before your first float you will be given a tour of our space as well as our float rooms. We will go over some important last minute things and answer any questions you may have from the video.

Before your session begins you will need to insert the ear plugs (if you prefer), shower, and rinse off the body oils and products, appy the vaseline to any cuts or scrapes. Once you are in the float tank you will have complete control of the sound and lights, or lack there of. An intro track will play at the beginning and again when your session has ended. You can choose to keep the music on for the entire duration of your float or turn it off at any time.  If you fall asleep, great! that means you were relaxed, and honestly we expect it. The pump will kick on 5 mins after your float, and will gently wake you up by the movement of water.

After your session ends and you have a quick shower, you will have access to our fully equipped vanity area. Feel free to take your time getting ready and stay in our lounge after your float for as long as you like.  Sign our guest book and chat with others. Since we are a new business we also would LOVE if you gave us a positive review on Facebook and Google, only if you had a positive experience of course.

Lastly...you can expect to enjoy the “post-float glow” long after you leave. Be mindful of how you feel for the rest of the day because often the most profound benefits to floating are felt hours later. Happy Floating!!

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45-8106 Fraser Ave. Fort McMurray

In the same parking lot as Town Hall

Hours vary depending on float appointments! Roughly 11-8pm every day except Wednesdays