Why we float

Benefits of Floating

“Floating” or floatation therapy isn't new. Developed over 60 years ago during research, the float tank showed surprising, promising, effects that began a series of studies. It has been used by veterans, young people, workaholics, athletes and everyone in between. You may have heard floatation therapy referred to as REST (restricted environmental stimulant therapy). And you may know the tanks as Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Now a days however we like to keep it simple and to the point and just call them float tanks. And they are changing lives. 

Want to know more about what the power of salt, water and sensory reduction can do for you? Below is a few of the benefits, but it is far from a complete list. Clinical research is currently booming in the field of floatation and we are excited to see where the journey takes us. And we're even more excited to find out where floating takes you.

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