The modern way


Mindful Elevation is Fort McMurray’s modern way to relax. In our private float rooms, we provide you with limited sensory experience. In today's society, we are constantly connected, and not always in the ways that we want.


Our float cabins are kind of like a perfect bathtub. They are about the same size as a king size bed and they hold about 12" of water with roughly 1500lbs of medical grade pure Epsom salt each. This allows you to float effortlessly on the surface. The temperature is 93-95 degrees, which is the same temperature as your skin, meaning you lose track of where your skin ends and the solution begins. The tanks and the rooms around them are insulated against sound and when you turn off the light, are completely dark. And as you start to let go your spine will decompress, and your muscles will completely relax. It's like getting a message without ever being touched. A genuinely solo experience.


There is nothing quite like the “glow” you get after a float, but don’t just take our word for it.  Allow M.E to help you pause the chaos of everyday life, enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation, and Relax...The Modern Way.

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