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Reiki Zen - Brainwave Power Music
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 Reiki can be used to aid relaxation, assist in the body's natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This track can help with deep relaxation and meditation

Relaxation - Brainwave Power Music
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This is our default track. It helps to promote deep relaxation and is designed to help with anxiety and PTSD. This track will play twice during your float.

Deep Sleep (Delta Waves) - Brainwave Power Music
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This track uses Delta waves to ease you into deep relaxation. Best used for our late nights floats and our clients who are just coming off night shift.

Lucid Dream Induction - Brainwave Power Music
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Mixing Alpha and Theta waves, this binaural beat taps into the unconscious as you fall asleep. It enhances the dream experience and will help you to recall your dreams upon waking. It will aid you in an inter-awareness state of mind and can be used during prayer or meditation.

Devi Prayer - Craig Pruess & Ananda
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A hymn to the Divine Mother, Devi Prayer is a peaceful track, chanted in Sanskrit, that is highly conducive to meditation and relaxation. Afterwards will be blissful relaxation music.

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
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This is one of our favs! It's an instrumental version of Pink Floyd's DSOTM, how can you go wrong?! This track will also play for the duration of your float.

Music for Accelerated Learning - Brainwave Power Music
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The frequencies used in this track are associated with accelerated learning, memory retention, problem solving, and can assist with absorbing information.

Ocean Waves of Relaxation - Brainwave Power Music
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These tones are associated with relaxation, can help ease headaches, is useful for lower back pain, provides assistance for overall pain relief, and with the Earth Resonance frequency, this can improve stress tolerance, helps in recovering from injuring and provides rejuvenation effects. 

10,000 Days - Tool
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Fear Inoculum - Tool
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This is just the first song off the album but the float track will feature the entire thing...You may need to experience a two hour float to get through the whole thing!! It's Tool's 10,000 days album...need we say more?

Ask and you shall receive! This is Tool's newest album without the interludes for those who want to go a little deeper. In the float tank has got to be one of the coolest ways to experience this album. Let us know your thoughts!

Have something else in mind for your float?

Let us know and we will try our best to add it to the list!

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