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Should You Float With A Cold?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Ahhhhh December. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Packed shopping malls, Christmas parties, and fun holiday events with the community.

Except for it also being cold and flu season…that part is less than favorable. It downright sucks.

I recently had to leave work early to pick my 2-year-old son up from daycare because he had a pretty bad fever, was coughing, and had copious amounts of snot…everywhere. You know, the whole works!

Although it was mildly inconvenient, I could still work from home and I naively assumed I was immune to this flu bug by the 4th day when he was still profusely coughing, and I was still killing it. BOY was I wrong. Of course, by the time the weekend came he was feeling much better and wanted to do all of the things, while I was now dying a slow death.


Thankfully we made it through the weekend (while his dad was at work I might add) and he was well enough to go back to daycare on Monday. This meant I could go home and get some rest. And by rest I mean watch daytime shows that don’t involve brightly colored pups saving Adventure Bay. Being sick with a not sick toddler must be a form of torture, I am sure of it.

Being a float tank owner, I know the benefits of floating and the immune system, but would it help me once I was already in the thick of it?? I needed to try it out for myself. I floated on Monday afternoon before I had to get my son from daycare and IT. WAS. HEAVEN. I quickly settled into my preferred tank and immediately focused on my breathing. Surprised at how my sinus cleared and I was able to breath again through my nose, or at the very least one nostril. I hadn’t been able to all day but I guess positioned on my back breathing in the salty humid air did the trick. The moist air also helped to soothe and hydrate my sore throat, while the warm water and Magnesium Sulfate relaxed my sore and aching body. I slipped into the theta state almost immediately and didn’t wake up until the lights came back on and it was time to get out. Once I had finished getting ready and retreated to my vehicle, I reassessed how I was feeling. I felt more energized then I had in days, less congested and much more capable of taking on the rest of the day. Internally though, my body was thanking me! I gave it a fighting chance. Without the extra stimulus of the Price is Right in the background (it’s a must when sick, right?!), floating allowed me to completely rest and gave my immune system the opportunity to kick itself into overdrive. It didn’t keep me from sneezing again later that day, or completely clear my extremely blocked nasal passages… But not having to think about how crappy I felt for an hour, was amazing.

If you are sick with a cold or flu, you’ve got to try floating. Even if it seems like SO much work to get down here and shower, and then shower again…just do it. I promise your body will thank you!!

*PSA: My amazing team member Lysol wiped literally everything I touched after I left by the way. Our tanks are also completely sanitized each time someone gets out, so no germs are left unscathed.

**PSA #2: This only holds true for a common cold or flu, not the stomach flu. If you have the runs or have recently tossed your cookies, please do not float. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Happy Holidays!!

- Jessica

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