• Jessica Dubeck

Who is Mindful Elevation? And why floating?

I often get asked how we got into this business and why floating?

I guess the best place to start would be the beginning...

Steve and I were both born in Fort McMurray and although I grew up in Kelowna, BC I always had very strong emotional ties to YMM. My dad lived here, lots of my family lived here over the years and since I came back six years ago it became home, almost instantly. I have lived in a few cities over my life but none of them compare to the overwhelming feeling of belonging here. There is this incredible sense of community here and I noticed it right from the start. It doesn’t matter where “back home” is, why you’re here or how long you’re staying, because once you are here… you find your family.

The idea for what would become Mindful Elevation Float Space started four years ago. Steve had floated out of someone’s basement and had an incredible experience. I hadn’t floated at that time, but Joe Rogan talked about it constantly on his podcasts, so I was familiar with it. But that’s all it was. An idea, and a fantasy of how incredible it would be to get to float regularly.

Then the fires. We saw and experienced a wildfire unlike any other in our nation, but we also saw how resilient our community became. We all became family, and this continues to be true when you see how quickly our little town can come together when someone is suffering. Mindful Elevation got put on the back burner though, because life gets in the way.

I floated for the first time when I was pregnant in 2017. I went into it with zero expectations and tried to be relatively ambiguous about the whole thing, except that I wanted to keep an open mind. It felt AMAZING to be laying on my stomach, no pressure on my back for the first time in months, and I also had a bonding experience unlike any other with my baby. But more profound then anything else was how I felt afterwards… It truly was life changing. I felt like I was on cloud 9 and nothing could bring me down. For someone who has always struggled with anxiety, I finally felt free. This feeling stayed with me for the whole day, and that was when I knew we had to make this a reality, the people of our community needed to experience this too.

Mindful Elevation is our way of giving back to the community. Fort McMurray is notoriously known for being fast paced. We are always in a rush. Rushing to work, rushing to get our kids to school or their activities. We are here to gently remind you that you need a break too. Everyone knows the saying you can’t pour from an empty cup, but how many of us are? How many moms out there stay up till the early hours of the morning just to finish their to-do list and have some time to ourselves. How many dads get up at 4am to go grind for 14 hours just so their kids can have the life they didn’t.

Give your body the chance to hit the reset button and disconnect for a while. It will all still be there when you come back down from your cloud 9.

We truly are so grateful for this experience and from the bottom of our hearts… we can’t wait to float you.

- Jessica

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